River Grove Seniors Friendship Club

IMG_RiverGrove The Seniors Club resides at River Grove Community Centre, 5800 River Grove Ave. Mississauga, ON. L5M 4R5.

Click to see location on the map.  Intersection Britannia Rd. (Regional Hwy 3),  and River Grove Ave. (West of Creditview Rd.)  This Facility is regulated by the Smoke Free Ontario Act

This website was last updated October 7, 2021

We welcome you back  (see News Page for details)




5 thoughts on “River Grove Seniors Friendship Club”

      1. Hi Robert,

        We have received notice that the City of Mississauga is planning to reopen Community centres on September 8.
        However, the notice further explains that details are to follow regarding specific activities.
        The River Grove Senior Friendship Club is holding a Zoom board meeting on August 25 where we will discuss the various options for activities based on information we receive from the City.


        Peter van Tol
        Secretary RGSFC


  1. Hi.. it great to see that we’re set to reinvite all our seniors back to enjoy the social and friendly activities in September. With the loss of over a year due to Covid, can we expect to see strict Covid management policies in place for the safety of all our vulnerable Seniors?
    Currently, according to Health Authorities, our most reliable protection is Vaccines, will RG be implementing a Mandatory Vaccination policy for all participants?
    I look forward to participating, but would be fearful of increased transmission potential of Non vaccinated participants. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you


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